After obtaining her cosmetology license in 2007, later to open a salon in 2011 for 3 years, she decided to do something else. She always had a passion for hair, but later realized it was more about the care of it than the actual art of it.

In 2009, she attempted to start a hair and skin all natural business that didn't work out. She then pursued other endeavors. In April 2014 she had her second daughter that was going to stir her in another direction little did she know.

While pursuing new things, her passion for making her own products was renewed through her youngest daughter. Both of her daughters are extremely tender-headed and she could never find any help. In June 2023, she launched Organic Heals Hair and Body as she took it upon herself to create an all natural product that would help her daughters and others like her. She has decided to revisit what she tried to do years before and that is making her own hair and skin products using herbs, butters and oils.